Changes afoot, again

I am writing to let you in on some news: I was recently offered a new position as Reference and Instruction Librarian at a Community College library in New Mexico, and I have decided to accept this offer. I am so excited to be moving closer to family and I am eager for the change of lifestyle after living in NYC for 13 years.

That said, I am also terribly sad to be leaving Brooklyn College, where I have LOVED working since 2011. I’ve learned so much from my predecessor, Alycia Sellie, and all my colleagues here have been amazingly supportive over the years as I finished library school, then became an adjunct librarian, then temporary librarian, and now I’m leaping into a permanent position out west. It is bittersweet for me to be leaving, for sure!

I feel hopefull that the Zine Collection will live on in the hands of the next Zine Librarian. This blog will live on, as well. I will pass it on to the next Zine Librarian as soon as possible. I definitely plan to get involved with zine librarianship in my new city!

Also, the Brooklyn College Library Zine Collection will still be tabling at the Brooklyn Zine Fest as planned, although we will most likely be there on Saturday, April 26, instead of Sunday.


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