Busy times!

It has been a busy time around Brooklyn College Library, and I am happy to say that I’ve spent much of this time preparing for and teaching zine sessions for amazing groups of students in the following classes: Prof. Rachel Jennings’ Literature, Ethnicity, and Immigration class; Prof. Jocelyn Wills’ American Dreams and Realities class; and Profs. Anne Leonard, Ian Beilin and Natalia Sucre from City Tech invited their students from the class Library 1201: Research and Documentation for the Information Age to meet with me and visit the collection. I have two more zine sessions scheduled and the semester is far from over! The great thing about most of the classes so far is that the professors have given students the option to make a zine for their final project in the class, with the understanding that it will become part of the zine collection. I love the way this makes the collection self-perpetuating! Students learn about zines, students make zines, students add zines to the collection so that new students can learn about zines.

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