A Fond “International Zine Library Day” to All!

This morning may have felt like a rather ordinary Thursday, on the 21st of July.  But here at the Brooklyn College Library, we are joining scores of other librarians, zinesters, teachers and lovers of the zine in celebrating International Zine Library Day.  The timing is really quite perfect for us as we progress in the creation of our zine collection – a project, though still in its early stages, which has us perpetually excited (and, hopefully, has you all perpetually intrigued!).

It is quite a privilege and a cause to celebrate to be able to contribute to our library with the generous donations of zines we have been receiving.  So while we continue our work this summer, we also wish to reach out to you, dear blog reader, and those you know who might like to bring your zines here to live with us at the Brooklyn College Library.  It’s a swell place to live (we swear!) and we promise to take good care of them!

So on this day, July 21st, besides wishing a happy birthday to Don Knotts and Marshall McLuhan, celebrate International Zine Library Day with us: visit one of the many glorious library zine collections around you, read a zine that you love, or even make a zine of your own — and maybe you’ll consider us when you want to find it a home!

…And here is the super spectacular Thank You card we will send you upon donation!:

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