Silent Barn: Let’s Talk about Zines

Although we’ve already announced that Silent Barn has a zine collection, I just heard today that its librarians would love to have more folks to help get the collection organiz-ized, and thought I’d send a shout-out to all the library school-like folks that might be reading this blog. The work that they could use help with sounds like a lot of fun: reading, discussing and blogging* about zines and organizing the space/zines. Details on how to get in touch are over at their Tumblr site.bobo

*We’ve been impressed with their lengthy zine reviews, even of our own work!

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CUNY Chapfest

The CUNY Chapfest kicked off yesterday, but today if you come out to the Graduate Center you can attend the DIY panel on zines–at 3pm:

Zines: Creative Non-Fiction on the D.I.Y.

Zines have many definitions, but as handmade and self-published print publications created and sold within a community, they undeniably offer writers space to express themselves, most commonly in short-form prose.

Panelists Alycia Sellie (Brooklyn College Zine Librarian), Ray Cha (FAQNP), Mikki Halpin (Eyresses, a zine on Jane Eyre), and Kerri Radley (Deafula) discuss all things zine, including: intentional community, privacy and anonymity, publishing in print in a digital age, the freedom of self-publication, print as a political act, and self expression. Moderated by Anne Hays and Kimiko Hahn of the CUNY Creative Writing Affiliation Group.

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Did you know that Silent Barn has a zine collection? We’re happy that Brooklyn has more zine library pals! Check their  Tumbr for more info!

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Tabling at the Brooklyn Zine Fest

The Brooklyn College Zine Collection will be represented at the upcoming Brooklyn Zine Fest on April 21. If you have a zine you would like to donate to the collection or would like to chat about zine librarianship, please come by and say hello!

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how to make a zine video

In case you need some inspiration, here’s a great how-to video, by :

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Metro Annual 2013 Slides

I’ve just returned from a great day at the 2013 Metro Annual Meeting and wanted to share the slides from my presentation about the zine collection. If anyone is interested in reading the accompanying notes, feel free to get in touch and I would be happy to send them to you.

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The Way the Lights Went Out: A Hurricane Sandy Benefit

Hey Brooklyn zinesters! Get in touch and donate your zines, or offer to read at this upcoming benefit for those affected by Hurricane Sandy:

The Way the Lights Went Out: A Hurricane Sandy Benefit
Wednesday, January 9, 7pm
Bluestockings 172 Allen St.
New York, NY 10002

This event will be both a zine reading and zine sale to benefit community resources destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. 100% of event proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief.

The two organizers, Kate Wadkins & Kate Angell, are working out specific event details, but zinesters are welcome to contact us with zines to donate. In addition, we’re still looking for readers if anyone would like to read from their zine.

Kate Angell can be contacted at and Kate Wadkins at

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Zine Exhibit

Just a note that if you haven’t yet seen the zine exhibit in the library, stop by soon! It will be up for the rest of December and will come down in January.

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Call for Working Class Zines

This summer I had a chat with one of my mentors about the zine collection, and she asked me if I had thought about focusing our collection on zines made by, for and about issues that related to being part of the working class.

Although I had already been searching for zines that relate to working class issues and identities, I’d like to be more explicit and ask for help: thus I’m creating this call, so that it might help me to find more of these zines to add to our collection. I have also changed our collection development policy to make working class zines an stated and central part of our collection.

We’ve had some really amazing donations and zines that have been made by our own Brooklyn College students about their experiences living outside of class privilege, and as someone who also grew up in similar outskirts, I’m really hopeful that more folks will get in touch and let me know if they make a zine that tackles working class issues.

Please leave a note, send an email (zinecollection(at) or leave a comment here if you make or know of a zine that you think would be an important to include in this collection. Thank you!

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Class Visits

Just wanted to send a quick thank you to Profs. Rosamond King and Natalie Nuzzo for inviting me into their classrooms this semester to talk about the zine collection.

And shortly everyone will be able to find the second edition of Where We’re From, the English 1012 zine, on the our shelves!

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