Caution: Changing of the Guard!

Just a note that since Robin’s departure from Brooklyn College, there isn’t an official zine librarian on duty in the library. What does this mean? For the collection, there is no change in service: you can still come and see the zines on the shelves just as you always have, or talk with Special Collections to see the items that they house.

But for the rest of the semester, until a new zine librarian is anointed, there might be some extra lag time in responses to emails and less ability for librarians to meet with interested zine researchers one-on-one. What can we offer in lieu of an official zine librarian from Brooklyn College? You could speak to a talented NYC zine librarian from another institution, or expect some additional time for responses to email inquiries. We appreciate your patience as the collection shifts and transforms!

About Alycia Sellie

Alycia Sellie is the Associate Librarian for Collections at the Graduate Center Library.
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